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Communication skills- A determinant to your success!

Communication skills- A determinant to your success!

Last week I had written about soft skills and had mentioned nine different skills that one must develop to improve one’s soft skills. Some of my readers have written asking for tips on these different skills, so I will try to explain each skill in detail. For the next few weeks we will try to learn more about different soft skills, one skill per week. I hope these will help you.

We saw last week that the ability to communicate effectively is important in your personal and professional life.  This week I am going to give you some tips on Communication skills.

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

Effective communication is more than just exchanging information, especially if you are in a leadership role or you are having direct contact with customers.  Clear communication helps eliminate misunderstandings and can encourage a healthy relationship. Poor communication on the other hand can cause conflict and frustration.

Have there been instances when you feel that though you are a good communicator, you sometimes experience communication problems? Then, it is time to think about working on your communication skills.

Here are some tips to help you communicate effectively:

Use Simple Words: The best way to communicate well is to use words that can be easily understood. It is not logical to use vocabulary that is not understood by your customers or your team members as you could either be misunderstood or you would be wasting precious time explaining yourself. Be clear and concise.

Display Confidence and Seriousness: When you are communicating you must pay attention to the conversation. If you show lack of confidence, the others around you will lose confidence in you. Eye contact establishes rapport and shows that you are interested in the conversation. Eye contact does not mean staring! 🙂

Listen: Communication is a two way process. When you expect people to listen to you, you must also listen to people. Listening carefully to a person speaking is one of the most important communication skill you can have. You must control the urge to interrupt / respond immediately but listen to what the other person is saying and only then respond.

Tone of Voice:  Your tone of voice reflects your mood, whether you are happy, irritated, bored etc. It is best to use a positive, friendly tone of voice while communicating with your customers. If a customer is irate /angry, maintain a positive, empathetic, polite sounding tone to calm down the customer.

Body Language: Positive body language is extremely important while communicating. Your words and actions must match; else you will be sending wrong messages which could also be disastrous!

Don’t finish other people’s sentences:  Believe me, you are not helping anyone by finishing their sentences. Research shows that by doing this you are taking control of the conversation, that you are disempowering the other person. This also shows disrespect and disregard to the other person.

People always think that if they are misunderstood, it is the receiver of the information that is at fault, however this is not true. It is the speaker who has to ensure that he / she is communicating in a way that is understood by the listener.

Note:  Research shows that poor communicators usually struggle to develop their careers beyond a certain point.

You need to keep working on your communication skills. The good news is that, by paying attention to ‘communication’ and by practicing to communicate better, you can be much more effective at work, and thereby enjoy better working relationships!

Only you can make it happen! So, use the above tips to improve your communication or hire a professional to help you!

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