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Integrity at Workplace

Integrity at Workplace

This week we will focus on understanding another very important topic, a trait that one must possess – Integrity.  It is a quality that can fast forward your success! Employees are responsible for the integrity of the workplace. 

If you are a working professional, it is good to ask yourself these questions : Have I put in my best effort,  Have I followed my conscience, am I doing what is right for the organisation?

The foundation of corporate integrity is personal integrity. Honesty and dependability are two qualities that are expected by your employers. Distrust can make the environment at your office very uncomfortable and stressful.  Those in leadership positions should display high integrity that others can observe and follow.

Integrity is one of the fundamental values that that is a must have in candidates who are hired. This is the reason why HR managers, while conducting interviews, includes several situation based questions to check the integrity of the candidates. After selection there is also a background verification done which will also help in checking integrity.

What is Integrity?

“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”  

If you do not have responsible behaviour, no one will want to work along with you. If you display responsible behaviour, you don’t give anyone a chance to question your integrity.

You will say “but how can I establish credibility?”

It is not easy as you cannot go about telling people that you are honest. People have to see, observe and accept that you have integrity. Well, the below points that I have put together  will help you establish credibility:


  • When you give a word, you must keep your word. Don’t give false commitments or over promise.
  • Respect your colleagues: This shows that you are willing to look beyond self-interest and that you respect and give importance to your co-workers.
  • Demonstrating transparency and trustworthiness: Stand up for what is right without being afraid. If you see something not right, you must speak up. You should not compromise on your beliefs.
  • Be responsible : Make sure your actions match your words. Practise what you preach. This will help build the trust factor. Also, you must not use company products / office stationary for personal use. When and if you have to submit any claims receipt (for travel or  any other reimbursements) to the accounts department, you must always submit exact receipts.
  • You must do what you say you will do. If you agree to help someone in your team, you must do that. When work is assigned to you, you must complete it on time.
  • When you are at work, focus on work and not personal work.
  • Be Honest : If you make mistakes, it is okay, it can be corrected . However, if you hide the mistakes then it is a question on your integrity. Admit your mistakes and take responsibility of your mistakes.
  • Follow company policies. Your organisation has spent a lot of time putting together policies in the best interest of the employees and the growth of the organisation. Following these policies is a good way to establish trust in you. So don’t cut corners or neglect following the policies.

One of the biggest enemies of integrity is Self-interest. Always keep the organisation’s interest in mind.

Remember : Integrity counts at workplace, those who demonstrate integrity attracts others to them because they are reliable and can be trusted. You must follow / demonstrate the organisational values.

You can build integrity at workplace by developing a professional and respectful work environment where people can rely on you.

You should create an Image of you being a responsible, reliable worker!

Hope this article has been helpful 🙂

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