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Soft skills at work!

Soft skills at work!

Nowadays, we often come across the term “Soft Skills”. Soft Skills are so immensely important. “Soft skills are your communication skills, attitude, leadership and ability to adapt well”. Hard skills are on the other hand is your education, experience and level of professional expertise.

It is important to fine tune an individual’s attitude towards accepting change, learn new things and to diligently and responsibly deal with different situations at work. Soft skills accompany hard skills that help you excel in your work.

For a long time, the importance of soft skills was undervalued. Most companies assumed that people with good hard skills would also be good at soft skills. While interviewing, HR teams often only looked for hard skills. Not anymore! Employers want people who know how to handle themselves at work, how to relate to customers and colleagues.

Research suggests that hard skills contribute a mere 15% to one’s success, compared to 85% that comprises soft skills.

Why soft skills matter?

  1. No more can you land your dream job just by obtaining a graduate or post graduate degree. When you’re seeking employment, your employer looks at your soft skills  with the same importance as your hard skills.
  2. Companies seek candidates with both types of skills while considering promotions or allotting new projects.

Let me ask you a question:

When you are hunting for a home loan or want to buy a product, whom would you prefer to interact with? A sales executive who is pleasant and takes time to answer your questions; or the one who treats you like you are just another customer he has to respond to?  I am sure you will prefer to interact with the first executive. So, what you have actually done is, you selected the one with better soft skills over the other executive.

It is the soft skills that matter!!

As a candidate, while your technical skills may get you noticed or shortlisted for an interview, it is your people skills that gets you the job! Even after you get your job, your work ethics, your attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that brings you success.

Do you have the soft Skills Gap?

It’s important for you to recognize the important role soft skills play. So you must work on developing them within yourself.

Some of the important points to develop are:

  • Communication Skills: The ability to communicate effectively is important in your personal and professional life. Good communication skills enable you to get ahead in life. The ability to listen is equally important while communicating.
  • Accountability: Take ownership of your work. This will increase the dependability factor.
  •  Interpersonal skills: Enjoy better relationships at work by developing your interpersonal skills.
  • Adaptability: Be open to change. Change is constant and inevitable. Therefore, it’s important to have a good attitude while accepting the unexpected.
  • Negotiation   skills:  Improve your negotiation skills. These skills are important in many jobs, especially areas such as marketing, sales, customer care and also valuable in everyday life.
  • Teamwork:  Teamwork involves working confidently within a group and demonstrating cooperation, coordination and responsibility.
  • Conflict managementAs working within groups can give rise to conflicts you must have the skill to seek resolution in a positive way.
  • Positive Attitude: It is very important to cultivate a positive attitude at work. Be optimistic, encouraging. A positive environment creates a productive environment.
  • Integrity: Having good personal reputation, work ethics and doing everything it takes to get the job done.

These days’ companies are placing a high emphasis on soft skills. They now realize just how important and well connected they are to a company’s success.  Remember, no one likes a sour lemon without some added sugar 🙂

Take out time and get yourself trained on the above important soft skills as these skills can help you excel!

Wish all my readers a Happy Pongal!

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