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Your Professional Presence

Your Professional Presence

You are your brand ambassador and the Image you communicate is your personal branding.  It shows what you are as a professional, about who you are and what you stand for. The way you carry yourself showcases your image, attitude and confidence. When you know that you have taken the right effort to look good, you will naturally feel more confident. When you are confident, you remain positive and this positive energy attracts others to you and also it spreads positivity around you.

As an image consultant, often I am asked “should I be good looking?”, “what should I wear to make the right impact?” etc. And I always respond that you don’t have to be good looking to look good, besides looks, it is your clothes & grooming, attitude & confidence that take you places.

Since this is something that many people want to learn, I have put down some simple tips to help you enhance your professional image.

  1. Clothes: Take out time and invest in some good formal clothes. If you dress in casual clothes you are seen as a casual person but with the right formal wear you can make the right impact. Remember that you have to dress and behave like a winner. There are different style scales in dressing to follow to make the right impact.
  2. Colours: Dark colours like black and navy blue, convey seriousness. Light colours convey approachability. Each colour has a different meaning. It is good to know more about colours, also what colour goes with your skin colour to select the right clothes. Don’t use loud colours, prints, awning stripes to work, these are not taken seriously. Simple wardrobe neutrals are the best to go in for if you have doubts.
  3. Grooming: Every week, see to it that you pay attention to your skin care, teeth, nails and hair.  These can affect your overall appearance positively or negatively. Men must shave every day, yes daily! You look very untidy and unprofessional if you have not shaved daily. Don’t complain later as to why no one takes you seriously at work. Some people think that a light stubble represents that they were working so diligently that they ignored their own personal care. This is the biggest misconception. Hygiene and personal care should always be your number 1 priority as it shows how exactly you value yourself and in turn value your customers/ clients.
  4. Posture: I can never emphasize enough about the importance of body language. Your posture must not send the wrong message! Please ensure you carry yourself erect and also walk and sit erect. Don’t slump or slouch.
  5. Be consistent: Make an effort daily to look your best! Be consistent with what your image communicates. Pay attention to the details. Too many noisy accessories, broken buttons, crumpled or wrinkled clothes, unpolished or worn out shoes projects sloppiness even if you are wearing the best outfit.

So, do you command attention when you walk into a room?

To get the right attention, besides all of the above you tips, one needs to be positive and have the right attitude. This will draw people to you.  First, be sure on what is the message you want to convey to others, then you select the clothes from the right style scale to achieve the effective professional presence.

Now you have all the necessary tips to help you look polished and feel confident to make the right impact!  Feel free to write to me to know more on style scale and colours.

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