Business is about first impressions and on-going interactions. Employees’ appearance, attitude and behaviour are direct reflections of your company and brand.

Workplace Etiquette: we’ll provide employees with the fundamentals for notable first impressions – how to look, act, and be their best in any professional situation. From handshakes, introductions, and presenting a business card, to body language, gestures and the impact of words, participants will learn the immeasurable value of image and etiquette in business. Sessions on understanding of office courtesy, technology protocol, meeting manners in and out of the office, and the principles of business travel, your employees will possess the tools they need to support your corporate image from the inside out.

How does your employees measure up?

In our business etiquette series, your employees will learn the hidden value – and priceless potential – of image, etiquette and protocol and how they can make a difference in business.

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