Personal shopping makes the most effective use of your time and your budget – it will save you time, money and energy whether shopping for yourself or for the perfect gift!

If you have ever envied the ability to always look good, no matter what the occasion, and wished you could achieve a stylish, versatile and wearable wardrobe of clothes to cover all eventualities, the answer lies in shopping with a professional!

Someone who will steer you towards building a great look which makes you feel fabulous and which works for you and your budget! Someone who knows where to shop and who can show you how to make the most of clothes you have and advise on what needs adding!

Imago can help you know which styles, colours and shapes suit you.

Corporations hire personal shoppers to purchase the perfect gifts for customers, prospects, business partners, investors, employees, and executives, as well as to purchase products for gift bag giveaways at special events, ceremonies, and seminars.

Seniors and other people who may find it difficult to get around, or who can’t get out of their homes, hire personal shoppers to purchase groceries, clothing, and other home and personal products.

Spend your money wisely.

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