Dear Asha,

Your presentation of importance of grooming has created such an effect on me that nowadays I don’t go out without a shave, pressed pant and shirt and also wear a smile.

This change has been noticed by my clients who comment that combined with my earlier fetish for being on time, this visible change makes them happier and more comfortable when dealing with me..

Thank you Asha for opening new vistas for me in my day to day dealing with my clients..

With warm regards
Sethuram. S

Partner – SS Associates


Thank you Asha for opening new vistas for me!

” It’s been a great eye opener session”  on ” Our Image is Our brand” , an inspiring session by Image Consultant Ms Asha Daniel. It was a wonderful session and we all have enjoyed and benefited from it.Many learnings and take away tips on improving one’s personality and presentation.

My hearty congratulations and best wishes to Asha Daniel for a great success in all her endeavours 💐💐💐 ”


Senior Manager and specialist -Project Controls) – Oil and Gas Industry

Munneswaran Nagappan

Munneswaran NagappanSenior Manager and specialist -Project ControlsChennai

Asha is an extremely dynamic woman who has a excellent business acumen. She brings diverse view-points and clarity of thinking. She is an extremely focused and detail oriented person She brings energy into the work she does and with her drive and ability to build relations is very effective in diverse workplace.

She is an amazing Image Consultant, I am happy knowing her and would recommend her to all.

Nagendra Dronamraju – Associate Director, CTS
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Asha is an amazing Image Consultant, I am happy knowing her and would recommend her to all.

Working with Ms. Asha Daniel was an experience I will cherish and hold dear to my heart for a very long time. Our sessions have always beyond the topic at hand. While learning a plethora of skills like goal-setting, time-management, the one skill that has profoundly impacted me is goal-setting. It helped me to not only put away my paranoia of the future and my career, but has helped me channelize this into preparing for a future with whatever resources I have. Dreaming and fear gave way to planning and goal-setting.

And the incredible thing about goal-setting, I realized, is not only about preparing long-term goals, but setting goals on a day-to-day basis. I owe an incredible amount of gratitude to Asha Ma’am for not only helping me realize my goals, but also for being and continuing to be a constant support in my life. The sessions have given me an opportunity to create a bond I shall forever cherish.

Thank you for everything!

Bhavika Acharya

2nd Yr. Journalism

MOP Vaishnav


The sessions have given me an opportunity to create a bond I shall forever cherish.

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Last year April, I was looking for a student counsellor or trainer who could impart training in personality development for the high school students of our school. I got to know about Ms. Asha Daniel  as an image consultant but I heard that she usually handles employees in corporate. So, I contacted her rather apprehensively to find out if she could conduct some sessions in our school. She readily accepted our proposal, much to my surprise, even prepared to take sessions for 3 to 4 hrs per day adjusting her

The crux here was that she had to start the very next day and the modules relevant to our adolescent students had to be worked out overnight. We planned for a variety of topics like communication skills, creating self image, travel etiquette, wash room etiquette, field trip etiquette and so on.

She was very punctual in reporting to the school and conducted sessions  continuously for 3 to 4 hours. She was excellent in understanding the dynamics of any group present in front of her and was skilful in ensuring the active participation of all the students. She was able to win the hearts of our senior students so instantly that this training programme went on for 12 consecutive days including a session exclusive for girls.

I wish her all the best in all her future endeavours.

D.Harathi, HOD, Life Skills Activities Department

Lalaji Memorial Omega International School, Kolapakkam, Chennai.

Grooming Sessions - Feedback

Many thanks for your sincere training, support, feedback and motivation from the day one. My urge for learning with your dedication together did the training successful.
I thoroughly enjoyed all your session especially the eye opening self esteem, excellent communication, shopping session, public speaking, discussions and so on…
The recommendations shared by you are really really helpful to practice in my day to day activity and able to achieve what I expected for. 

Thanks again for your wonderful session and my feedback is very crisp as I don’t want to prolong beyond this.
I wish you all the best for future assignments.
Priscilla. A

Many thanks for your sincere training, support, feedback and motivation from the day one.

Dear Asha,
I’m a regular reader of your articles from “The Shopping Express” news paper and I very much self motivated and impressed from your articles. Those wonderful articles improved me a lot. I thanking you and Hope you’ll continue the same.
Looking forward your articles dealing Leadership skills improvement.
Thank you once again.

Thanks & Regards,

Sr.Software Engineer – IT Development

Wonderful articles improved me a lot

Hello Mam,

I am going through your articles in THE SHOPPING EXPRESS every week. I am really getting good experience with your thoughts. You’re spending your precious time for that article. I really appreciate you for the well being. Keep it up.

Thank you so much — Regards, P.Gowrishankar

All tips in your articles are very helpful for me

The topic on  Handshake, it was too good. I thought that handshaking is just promoting and respecting others like that. Then only i realized that many things includes in a handshake. It was really very helpful for me. And i found one thing mam, your article completely talks in a professional way.

You are my role model!! I wish you all the success always!
Naveen B




Naveen Kumar BSCBChennai

The tips I received on workplace ethics was very helpful.. It is really very nice.. I have to take your suggestions and steps and have to change little bit in some aspects.

Thanks for the topic..U rock…!!!


Analyst IT-QA
Verizon Data Services India pvt ltd.


Very helpful tips!
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